[Editor 2.0] Field ID and Field Type

We're happy to announce that Field ID and Type are now available in the Document Details, Template Details, Content Library Item Details, and Webhooks.

Field ID parameter is unique across a document, so now it's possible to reference exactly the field you need.
Type parameter helps to process field values in different ways according to their types.

"fields": [
      "field_id": "VAT_field",
      "type": "text",
      "uuid": "9330094d-cea5-46cf-869e-058b18a5ae15",
      "name": "vat_number",
      "title": "",
      "placeholder": "VAT number",
      "value": "CY99999999L",
      "merge_field": "vat_number"

Currently available field types are:

  • text
  • dropdown
  • date
  • checkbox
  • signature
  • initials
  • collect_file