Document Transaction and Bundling

As you may know, we've delivered document bundling and document transaction.

  • Document bundling allows you to group multiple documents, send and track them all at once, within a single transaction. Please be informed that we don't support document bundling via API at the moment.
  • Document transaction is the dispatch of either one or multiple documents that have been bundled together, as part of the same agreement process.

Please find more details here.


What is a Document Transaction?

Basically, document transaction=document with a single or a few documents inside.

In this topic, you may find new possibilities and restrictions for the API. Your current API integrations will work in the same manner without any changes on your end.


Multiple documents in a document transaction supported?

GET List Documents


POST Create Document from PandaDoc Template

Partially (see details below)

POST Create Document from PDF

No (only a single document is allowed)

GET Document Status


GET Document Details


POST Send Document


Share Document


GET Download Document


DELETE Delete Document


Link to CRM


Document Attachments

No (attachments allowed for a single document only)

PATCH Change Document Status (manually)


PATCH Update Document Ownership


PATCH Transfer All Documents Ownership


  • List Documents - includes all documents transactions no matter how many documents are inside each of them.
  • Create Document from PandaDoc Template - you can create a document transaction from a template. The only thing that is not supported yet is a set of documents' names in the document transaction.