New Template API and Webhooks

by Alexander Benderski

Welcome the newest member of Template API - a Create Template endpoint!
Now it's easier than ever to automate Template creation - with Create, List, Delete, and Details endpoints for Template!

But that's not it - now we have webhooks from Template Created, Updated, and Deleted events!
Check out the webhook subscription endpoint for the full list of available events.

And yes, you got it right - all these updates have something to do with our Embedding solutions. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

We have improved the downloading process for completed documents!
What's new:

  • Now you can download a completed document with a custom watermark - check out Download Document endpoint
  • There is a new webhook event for Completed Documents. This webhook fires when a PDF is ready for a completed document - and you can download it immediately. Read this article to know the details.

Now, you can have every date field in the documents created from a file upload filled automatically with the signing date.
Configure this on the workspace level:

  1. Go to Settings -> Workspace.
  2. Find the Date field setting.
  3. Select “Autofill with signing date”.

After this, all date fields in the documents you create from file via API will be filled in with a signing date automatically after completion.

Merge Field is a field property that allows to link fields when their values are set via API, similar to how Field Id works on the UI.

You can set the field value during document or section creation from a template, referring to fields by their Merge Field property, see instructions: Prefilled fields .

Now, you can control how merge fields behave in a bundle when adding a new section from a template . Set the merge_field_scope query parameter:

  • document (default) leaves the Merge Field properties untouched. Field values with the same Merge Field name will override field values of the whole document.
  • upload adds a unique suffix to all the Merge Field names added in scope of this operation. Use it if you add one template multiple times to the same bundle, but don’t want the fields to be syncronized.


This functionality is in beta

While we are improving this functionality, the implementation details can be changed without notice.

With the new Document Fields endpoints, you can get fields configuration for an already created document and replicate it on a new document, or place a field at specific coordinates. Take a look at the methods reference:

  1. [Beta] List Document Fields
  2. [Beta] Create Document Fields