We've added new endpoints for webhooks actions. With webhooks, your integration can subscribe to the events happening in PandaDoc. You can list your subscriptions and events, as well as manage (create, read, update, and delete) individual subscriptions.


New file types for Create Document from File

We're pleased to announce that we've added new file types to Create Document from File.


Shared Links

Please be informed that we've added shared links for each recipient to Send Document, Document Details, and On Document Status Change responses.


Data merge for pricing tables via API

We're pleased to announce that we've delivered data merge feature for pricing tables via API. Now you can work with pricing tables via API in a more flexible way and prefill all types of columns.


[Editor 2.0] Field ID and Field Type

We're happy to announce that Field ID and Type are now available in the Document Details, Template Details, Content Library Item Details, and Webhooks.


OpenAPI Specification and SDKs

We are happy to announce the delivery of an OpenAPI Specification and SDKs to wrap PandaDoc API with objects, properties, and methods in your favorite programming language.


Additional filtering options in List Documents

We're pleased to announce filtering options by document owner and recipients/approver in the List Documents.
Now you can easily filter documents by:

Document Transaction and Bundling

As you may know, we've delivered document bundling and document transaction.


Contacts Management

We're pleased to announce a new set of PandaDoc API features. This time we've delivered Contacts management via API. A scope includes:


Ownership Management

Please be informed that we've added a few methods for ownership management via API.