Additional filtering options in List Documents

We're pleased to announce filtering options by document owner and recipients/approver in the List Documents.
Now you can easily filter documents by:

Document Transaction and Bundling

As you may know, we've delivered document bundling and document transaction.


Contacts Management

We're pleased to announce a new set of PandaDoc API features. This time we've delivered Contacts management via API. A scope includes:


Ownership Management

Please be informed that we've added a few methods for ownership management via API.


Change Document Status (manually)

When you complete documents or make payments offline, it is handy to be able to make your PandaDoc records reflect this change. Being able to change the document status is important for keeping all of your signed contracts in one place.
Having eight document statuses, you can manually change your document status to four only: Completed, Expired, Paid, or Declined.


[Editor 2.0] Link to CRM

Please be informed that we've removed a restriction to link documents to CRMs in document.draft status only.
Now you can easily link your documents in any status you want.


[Editor 2.0] Attachments and collect files fields



[Editor 2.0] Clickable links in variables

Send variable value as a link in the Create Document from PandaDoc Template request with Editor 2.0 and we automatically convert it to a clickable one.
Use the following format:


[Editor 2.0] Images support in "Create document" call

Upload images to Image blocks when creating a new document with the Create Document from PandaDoc Template request. Please note the image blocks in the template should be pre-set before creating a document.


[Editor 2.0] Dynamic content generation for a document on a fly

Make your document dynamic with Content Placeholders and add content to a document in the creation request. Decide what Content Library Items to add (different countries' terms & conditions, pricing tables with predefined currencies, additional fields or product information, etc.) to the document based on the data merged. In addition, you can prefill fields/variables values, add items to pricing tables, and assign recipients to roles from the specific Content Library Item.