Hubspot Automates Status Updates via Zapier

Using the PandaDoc integration through Hubspot, we can automate the status or other custom fields of our deals with ease using Zapier.


  1. Hubspot account
  2. PandaDoc subscription (Enterprise or Business)
  3. Zapier integration with PandaDoc add-on for business


Zapier is a tool that allows for quick and easy automation within our workflows. Zapier "looks" for decisions (such as the completion of a document or if a status changes). When those decisions are made within the system, Zapier performs an action that will alter a field of our choosing.


Triggers and Actions

In our case, Zapier's job is to change a Hubspot deal's fields automatically when a PandaDoc document is completed. The completion of the document is the trigger that tells Zapier to perform the action and the action is to "update status" in the Hubspot deal.

Navigating Zapier

First, let's make our own zap utilizing the orange button at the top of the Zapier homepage.


You can type "PandaDoc" to find the application or it may be available as one of the featured apps.


Applications and Events

For each step in Zapier, you must select an "Application" and an "Event." In our case, the application is PandaDoc and the event is when a document is completed. At the time of setup, you must be logged into PandaDoc or you can click "+ Add a New Account" at the bottom of the list to prompt a login to PandaDoc from Zapier.


Select the template where you want these triggers to occur. You must use an existing template within PandaDoc in this example.


Before going any further in Zapier, navigate to any deal in Hubspot and click "create document" on the far right of the page. You might have to scroll down to find it, but this button will only be available if Hubspot is already integrated with PandaDoc. If you do not have the integration already setup, you may do so through the link:


To speed things up: in the PandaDoc document, let's go to "... More" on the far right and click "Settings", once there, we want to click the 3 vertical dots to change the status to "completed".



The purpose of this step is due to the need of having a test document already completed to connect the metadata of the deal to PandaDoc documents. Think of metadata as the link to let Hubspot know which deal to update when you create a PandaDoc document from the iFrame in a deal.


Once the document has been created, navigate back to Zapier and select Document A, B, or C (whichever one was pulled in most recently). If you don't see any recent documents, go ahead and select "See More Samples".

Now we want the zap to "Do this..." so go ahead and make a second step for the zap and in this case we're selecting Hubspot CRM as the app and we want to "Update Deal in Hubspot CRM" - then select the app and Trigger/Event (in this case "Update Deal").


Choose the account that you're logged into once again then we're going to customize the updated deals. So in our case, we'll select "use a custom value (advanced) and then search for Metadata under "Custom Value for Deal Deal ID (required)".



Field Mapping

You have the ability to map the fields available within Hubspot; in this example we're mapping the status of the PandaDoc document to the stage of the deal in Hubspot. You can map numerous fields in the same Zap if needed.

Select the stage of the deal you want to automatically update in Hubspot once the PandaDoc document is completed.



Don't forget to turn on your zap!

At the very bottom or top right of your page in Zapier, you can turn your Zap on or off. Making edits to a Zap already turned on will force the Zap to be turned off.


Once you mapped the fields you would like to auto update from Zapier, your Hubspot/Zapier integration is ready to test:

  1. Open any deal in Hubspot and click "Create document" in the PandaDoc iFrame on the right side of the deal.
  2. Complete the document in full
  3. Reload your Hubspot deal and the deal stage should be updated and any other fields you chose to map while setting up the Zap.