Update Salesforce Fields via Zapier

Update fields in Salesforce when a PandaDoc Document is completed.


  1. Zapier account: Salesforce is a "Premium" application in Zapier which requires a paid subscription. Pricing can be found here starts at $20 a month.
  2. Salesforce account
  3. PandaDoc subscription ( Enterprise or Business with Zapier add-on )
  4. Must use PandaDoc Salesforce Integration

Create a new Zap

Create a new Zapier and select PandaDoc as your trigger app.

Then select "Document Completed" as your trigger.


Connect your PandaDoc account following the on-screen prompts.



Multiple Workspaces

If you are using multiple workspaces you will need to duplicate this zap after its completed and connect each workspace separately. Each workspace is like a "mini account" with separate settings.

Select a Template

Zapier requires you to select a specific template for this zap to trigger on. This will provide template specific field & token values as each template can have different names for each field.

Select the desired template from the dropdown.


If you don't select a template the zap will trigger for every completed document in your account and template-specific field & token values will not be available to use. This can be usefull when saving a PDF version of a document or updating generic values like statuses or dates


Help! I don't see my template.

In rare cases, you might not see the template you want or if you have multiple templates with the same name you won't know which one is the correct template.

You can instead provide the "Template ID" in the dropdown select "Use a custom value" then in the new text box put the template ID this can be found from the URL within pandadoc. The bold section below is the template ID in this URL

https://app.pandadoc.com/a/#/template/v1/editor/ CkZ6inxmN4RD7ejko2bTGK

Test your trigger to get "Sample Data"

To continue you will need a recently completed document ( From the selected template ) that was created from with Salesforce. This is so you can get the Opportunity and Account information in your zap.

If you already have a document it should up like this!


Click the dropdown and type "Salesforce" in the search bar. You should see

Salesforce.opportuntiy and Salesforce.account



Help! I don't see salesforce data

If Opportunity or Account data is missing then the Document selected was not created in Salesforce. Try selecting another document if you have multiple or go back into Salesforce and create a new document from scratch. The documents in this test list need to match the Trigger staus.

IE: Document Completed requires a "completed" test document. Document Sent requires a "sent" test document.

Create your Action "Salesforce - Update Opportunity"

Select Salesforce as your action app then "Update Opportunity" as the action.

Follow the onscreen prompts to connect Zapier to your Salesforce account.


Map PandaDoc fields to Salesforce

The first thing to do is to select the correct salesforce opportunity.

Select "Use a custom Value" from the drop-down. It will be all the way at the bottom and the list may be long.

In the "Customs Value for ID" search for metadata.salesfroce.opporuntity.id it should look like the below image.


After the Opportunity ID has been added the last part is the select the fields you want to update. This will overwrite any value in Salesforce. I am updating a "Number of Users" with a text field being filed from with a PandaDoc Document.


Test Your action

This last step is to send a test to Salesforce. This will update the opportunity from the original test document with the values in your document.

After the test comes back login to salesforce and check your Opportunity for updates. It should look like your User made the update.



Turn on your Zap!

Don't forget to give your zap a descriptive name and turn it on. The zap will only run when the "on" button is green!