Development documentation. Custom Classes and Triggers

This page leads to GitHub documentation which outlines custom classes and triggers and assumes a general knowledge of the PandaDoc integration for Salesforce. If you are not yet familiar, refer to the articles below first:

Salesforce Integration with PandaDoc

Salesforce Integration with PandaDoc – Standard Setup:

  • Install the integration;
  • Pass information from Salesforce fields to PandaDoc document;
  • Pass products to PandaDoc pricing table;
  • Pass contacts from Salesforce as document recipients.

Salesforce Integration with PandaDoc – 2-Way Sync:

  • Update Opportunity status when PandaDoc status is updated;
  • Save updates to documents to “Notes and Attachments”;
  • Save PDF version of PandaDoc to “Notes and Attachments” (old and new Trigger);
  • Update Opportunity Products when PandaDoc pricing table is updated.

Salesforce Integration with PandaDoc – Add PandaDoc to Custom Objects

Development documentation

In case the standard functionality of PandaDoc&Salesforce integration doesn't fully cover your use-case, we are glad to share the development documentation so that you can create a custom workflow. PandaDoc provides two different API methods for Salesforce package extensions:

  • Salesforce JSON builder code for document name, tokens, recipients, pricing items;
  • Trigger handlers so that you can create custom triggers.

Please follow the link to our GitHub page for code examples.

Custom code in Salesforce can help to accomplish many goals. Here are three of the most common use-cases:

  • Change default recipient or product information sent to PandaDoc from Salesforce;
  • Subscribe to PandaDoc document events and sync document data back to Salesforce;
  • Subscribe to Salesforce record events and create PandaDoc documents. Opportunity or other Salesforce objects can be subscribed to create PandaDoc documents. You can set up the integration to automatically generate documents after record creation or update without any user input. Please note this workflow requires access to PandaDoc public API.