Create Document

Use a PandaDoc template or existing PDF to create a document.


Document creation is non-blocking (asynchronous) operation.

The document creation process may take some time.

With a successful request, you receive a response with the created document's ID and status document.uploaded. After processing completes on our servers, usually a few seconds, the document moves to the document.draft status. Please wait for the webhook call or check this document's status before proceeding.

The change of status from document.uploaded to another status signifies the document is ready for further processing. Attempting to use a newly created document before PandaDoc servers process it will result in a ​"404 document not found" response.

There are two methods to create a PandaDoc document via API. Here is a quick overview:

Create Document from PandaDoc Template

Create Document from PDF


PandaDoc Template

PDF file as a template uploaded with the API request

Supports Fields:



Supports Variables (ex. Tokens):



Supports Content Placeholders (Smart Content)



Supports Images



Editable in PandaDoc:


Partial. Fields can be arranged but content cannot be edited.

Primary Use:

Manage editable templates in PandaDoc

Manage templates elsewhere, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or PDF files generated from a custom application.