Redirect after Completion

Set up a URL to seamlessly redirect a signer upon document completion

Use cases

You can now manage what happens after signing a document, that is, redirect the signer to a different URL. The possibilities include:

  • Redirect a recipient to the checkout page for payment when the payment provider isn’t supported by PandaDoc’s integrations.
  • Redirect to a form to collect payment details.
  • Redirect to a branded thank-you page.

Here's when the redirect occurs:

  1. If a document has a payment method (for example, Stripe) integration enabled, the redirect happens after the payment (document.paid status).
  2. Otherwise, the redirect happens after they sign the document (document.signed status).

Set up redirect link

If you set up a redirect link in a template, it is applied to all recipients.

If you set up a redirect link in a document, you can customize the link for each recipient.

Add the redirect parameter for each of the recipients like this:

"recipients": [  
    "first_name": "Josh",
    "last_name": "Ron",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "phone": "15551234567",
        "url": "",
        "is_enabled": true

Here's the full list of endpoints where you can add the redirect URL for the recipient:

  1. Create a Document from a Template
  2. Create a Document from a File Upload
  3. Update a Document
  4. Update Recipient
  5. Create Document Section from Template
  6. Create a Document Section from a File

You can also get information about the redirects set for a document using the Document Details endpoint.