Update Recipient

Use this endpoint to modify recipient's personal details.


Before you start

To edit a recipient, please ensure that you have the 'Can Edit Document' permission.

Use this endpoint to easily fix typos in a recipient's name or email, or to change any other recipient information in a sent document. Please note that changes made to a recipient within a document will also update their contact information. However, these changes will not update information about this recipient in other documents where they have already been added.

Document status

  • You can edit a signer in the following document statuses: 'Draft' (document.draft), 'Waiting Approval' (document.waiting_approval), 'Approved' (document.approved), 'Rejected' (document.rejected), 'Sent' (document.sent), and 'Viewed' (document.viewed), but only until they have signed the document.
  • You can edit a CC recipient in any document status except for the 'Expired' (document.voided) and 'Declined' (document.declined).


Updating a recipient's email after sending a document

Note: If you update a recipient's email address after sending a document, they will receive an instant notification at the new email address, allowing them access to the document. Access via the previous email will be revoked.

Restrictions for updating a recipient's email

  • You cannot change emails of PandaDoc users.
  • You cannot use the email addresses of existing contacts. If you need to use an email from an existing contact, use the Change Signer endpoint to replace a signer with this contact.