Create Document Section from Template

With this endpoint, you can add a new section to an existing PandaDoc document (create a bundle) from a template.


Using this endpoint you can add a section from template to the existing document

To create a document from file - use the Create Document from File Upload endpoint.

To create a document from template - use the Create Document from Template endpoint.

A PandaDoc template is a document template created and edited in the PandaDoc web application. Our help center has further information on PandaDoc templates.

We have prepared a sample PandaDoc template that you can use to test the request. You can find it in the Templates section of your account or download it here:

After downloading, the system will create a document from this template. The browser will redirect you to this document. Return to the templates page to find the template_id that you can use in Postman.


Document creation is a non-blocking (asynchronous) operation

The document creation process may take some time.

With a successful request, you receive a response with the created document's ID and status document.uploaded. After processing completes on our servers, usually a few seconds, the document moves to the document.draft status. Please wait for the webhook call or check this document's status before proceeding.

The change of status from document.uploaded to another status signifies the document is ready for further processing. Attempting to use a newly created document before PandaDoc servers process it will result in a ​"404 document not found" response.


Current Version Limitations

Images in sections are currently not supported.


Pricing tables note

Each pricing table must have a unique name to populate it with data correctly.