Add CC Recipient

Use this endpoint to add a CC recipient to a document.


Before you start

To add a CC recipient, please ensure that:

  • You have the 'Can Manage Recipients' permission.
  • This recipient is already created in your contacts. If not, add them using the Create Contact endpoint.

To add a new CC recipient to a document, two parameters must be included in the request body:

  • kind: Set this parameter to contact to specify an individual contact. Note: Future updates will allow the addition of contact groups.
  • id: Input the ID of the desired contact.

To retrieve the contact's ID, use the List Contacts endpoint to access a list of all contacts, and then locate the desired contact by searching using the name or email address within the returned list.

Document status

You can add CC recipients in any document status except for the 'Expired' (document.voided) and 'Declined' (document.declined).


Email notification to access the document

Note: When a document is in one of the following statuses: 'Sent' (document.sent), 'Viewed' (document.viewed), 'Completed' (document.completed), 'Waiting for Payment' (document.waiting_pay), or 'Paid' (document.paid), any added CC recipient will receive an instant notification at their email address, allowing them access to the document.