The following rate limits apply to any API-key or OAuth API call. All rate limits are mutually exclusive.

API actionLimit per endpoint
Create from PDF50/minute
Create from Template, Document/CLI Details300/minute
List, Status, Delete2000/minute
Create Notarization Request100/minute
ANY sandbox API10/minute
Download Document50/minute

The limits are introduced on a user level. Calls for all POST, PATCH, GET, PUT, and DELETE requests are counted.

PandaDoc API returns 429 Too Many Requests error when you exceed the limit of requests. If you hit the limit whenever possible, please queue API calls on your side. This should help to prevent getting 429 errors and resend API calls after the retry timer.

PandaDoc reserves the right to modify these limits as needed to protect the integrity of the PandaDoc Platform.


Request and file sizes

The maximum request body size is 2 MB.
When uploading a PDF to create a document, the maximum supported file size is 50 MB. API returns "413 Request entity too large" when the uploaded PDF exceeds 50 MB.