Create Document Sections (Bundles)

Bundling several documents into one is essentialy adding sections to a single document. Here's how bundling looks from the API perspective:

  1. Create a document, either on UI or via API.
  2. Create an upload process for a new section: POST v1/documents/{document_id}/sections/uploads.
    Depending on your request type, you can create a section from a template (application/json) or from a file (multipart/form-data).
    You can mix and match sections from templates and files.
  3. Get the uuid from the Create Section response. This is your upload id. Alternatively, use the Document Sections endpoint to get upload id for each section.
  4. Track the upload process using your upload id.
    The response contains an array of section_uuids.
    Wait for the document_sections_uploaded.PROCESSED status. When a document is in this status, you can edit it using other endpoints.
  5. Retrieve section information using each section id.