Document Status

Get basic data about a document such as a name, status, and dates.

It is useful to request document status to ensure a document is in the expected state before calling additional API methods.

Required Document Statuses

Here are some common methods and the document.status required to proceed:

API MethodRequired Document State
Send A Documentdocument.draft
Get Document Detailsdocument.draft
Embed A Documentdocument.sent
Download A Documentdocument.completed


Polling vs Webhooks

If you are using the GET document status endpoint for polling, we also support and recommend using webhooks for event-driven needs:

Available Document Statuses

The following is a complete list of all possible document statuses returned:

Document StatusStatus Description
document.uploadedThe document has just been created or uploaded. It is in processing and will be in document.draft state momentarily.
document.draftThe document is in a draft state. All aspects of the document can be edited in this state. Our API does not support edits after the document has been created, but it can still be edited manually on
document.sentThe document has been "sealed" and optionally sent. No further document edits can occur except for document recipient(s) filling out or signing the document.
document.viewedDocument recipient(s) have viewed the sent document.
document.waiting_approvalThe document has an automatic approval workflow and has not yet been approved.
document.rejectedThe document has an automatic approval workflow and was rejected.
document.approvedThe document has an automatic approval workflow and was approved.
document.waiting_payThe document has a Stripe payment option and is awaiting payment.
document.paidThe document has a Stripe payment option and was paid.
document.completedThe document has been completed by all recipients.
document.voidedThe document expired and is no longer available for completion or signature.
document.declinedThe document was manually marked as "Declined"