Create Notarization Request

Using this endpoint, you can notarize document with notaries from the PandaDoc Notary network.


Before you start

  1. Learn how to integrate with PandaDoc public API
  2. Obtain Auth tokens
  3. Get PD Document IDs

See details:

Signers can use thenotarization_link string (included in the 201 response) to initiate the notarization process.


Invitees are not signers

If you want to easily sign your document during a session, make sure the document already contains signer info set as a recipient during the document creation API call. Otherwise, users must set a signer email and name during the session, which is less convenient.


Rate limit is 100 calls per minute. This endpoint API returns 429 Too Many Requests error when you exceed the limit. See the section below for the suggested fix.

Fixes for the 4xx responses

  • 403 Forbidden due to inactive addon: Add/activate Notary On Demand (NOD) addon for the account.
  • 403 Forbidden due to transactions limit: This error means that there are no available NOD transactions for account. To fix this, you need to buy NOD transactions. Do it via Notary UI or contact the Sales team.
  • 403 Forbidden due to not activated user in Notary app: This error means that you need to activate User in Notary app. In order to fix it, ask a user who generated API Keys in Developers Dashboard (usually org admin) open Notary User will be activated automatically.
  • 429 Too Many Requests: If you hit the limit, queue API calls on your end according to the limit and resend your API calls after the retry timer.