Document Section Upload Status

Receive the upload status of the document and sections by their upload_id.

Requesting document section upload status is useful to ensure a document section upload is in the expected state before calling additional API methods.

In response, you receive an array with sections_uuid. You can receive information about each section using the Document Section Info endpoint.

    "section_uuids": [

Available Document Section Upload Statuses

The following is a complete list of all possible document statuses returned:

Document StatusStatus Description
document_sections_upload.UPLOADEDThe document section upload process has just been created. It is in processing and will be in document_sections_upload.PROCESSED state momentarily.
document_sections_upload.PROCESSEDThe document sections upload is processed and the sections are already created in the document. All aspects of the document sections can be edited in this state.
document_sections_upload.ERRORDocument section upload procces has been failed. For more information check error details in the response.