Create Document Session for Embedded Sign


Document State

You can generate an id only for documents in the sent, waiting for payment, paid, and completed statuses. In order to move a document to the sent status without actually sending any emails to recipients, use the Send Document endpoint with the silent: true parameter.

If a document is in "waiting_approval", "rejected", or "declined" status, you can't use Share Document call. Share Document endpoint will return HTTP 400 with an error.


Generating a Document Link from the returned id

The id this endpoint returns is a session id. Use this URL format to view a document:{id}/

When generating a document link, first we must request a session ID per the session endpoint above. Once the session ID is generated, it can then be placed in the URL format above for sharing.


Lifetime Parameter

We see the lifetime parameter often overlooked when generating a session ID. Make sure that you provide a lifetime value in seconds that is great enough for the recipient(s) to complete the shared document. We recommend values under 1 year for security purposes, e.g.: "lifetime": 31535999