Notarization Request Details

Return detailed data about notarization request.

Get details about a notarization request by its id. Details include:

  • Basic notarization request information (status, creator, invitees).
  • Signed documents information with links for downloading.
  • Timestamps associated with a notarization request.

Available Notarization Request Statuses

The following is a complete list of all possible notarization request statuses returned:

Notarization Request StatusStatus Description
SENTNotarization request has been created. Invitees are notified and can start the process of finding a notary.
WAITING_FOR_NOTARYOne of the invitees initialised the process of finding a notary.
ACCEPTEDNotarization request has been accepted by the notary. At this time nobody has joined the notarization session yet.
LIVENotarization session has started.
COMPLETEDNotarization session is finished. Documents have been successfully signed and ready for downloading.
CANCELLEDNotarization request has been cancelled by the creator.

Signed documents

Signed documents are the documents that were successfully signed during the notarization session. The signed document's info is available only if the notarization request has COMPLETED status, otherwise the returned list will be empty.

In case you uploaded several documents for notarization then the signed_documents list will contain links for downloading for each document separately (with SINGLE document type) and link for the combined document (with COMBINED document type accordingly).


Document link expires in 1 hour

Note: The signed document link expires in 1 hour. After this time it will be not possible to download documents using the returned url. In this case you need to call endpoint again since each request generates a new link.


A maximum of 100 API calls per minute is permitted. Exceeding this limit triggers a 429 Too Many Requests error.