Send Document

Move a document to sent status and send an optional email.


Document state

You can only send a document in the document.draft status.

After creating a new document, it usually retains a document.uploaded status for 3-5 seconds while the document syncs across PandaDoc servers. When the document is available for further API calls, it moves to the document.draft state. Use Document Status or Webhooks to check document status.

Moving a document to the document.sent status finalizes the document structure in preparation for completion by recipients.

If a template used for document creation has "Approval Workflow" turned on, this document will be moved to 'document.waiting_approval' status. Once approved, you need to make the call again to move the document to 'document.sent' status.

By default, PandaDoc sends a document.sent notification email to the recipient as well as any internal notifications the sender has opted for. This can be bypassed by passing silent: true. Using this will suppress sent, viewed, comment and completed document notifications. This is useful when you are using alternative delivery methods such as linking to the document or embedding the document.


Settings "silent": true

It is important to know that "true" value will disable sent, viewed, comment and completed document email notifications. "Document Approval" notification won't be affected by this parameter.

When opting to send an email, passing the optional message attribute will result in an email like the following. At this time the email is not customizable beyond the user avatar. If you wish to perform any additional customization, we recommend generating view session links and using your own email distribution methods.


Example email. Branding can be changed in workspace settings.

Select Approver from Group

If you have previously set up an approval workflow with selectable groups on the UI, you can select a particular approver from this group. Learn more about selectable groups.
To set an approver, we recommend to follow these steps:

  1. Run the Document Details request.
  2. Copy the steps part from the approval_execution section of the response into the selected_approvers field of the Send Document payload.
  3. Modify your payload according to business needs: set is_selected to true for one approver.


Changing the approver

Note: You can change the selected approver only if you revert your document back to the document.draft status.